Streams or Puddles of water found on the floor or Water coming up through the floor cracks

The simple solution is that there is a crack somewhere in the foundation. When hydrostatic pressure (water pressure) builds up the water pushes on the wall and seeps through the crack. If this is the case then a pressure injection is a great option.

Another more complicated solution might be Drain Tile. When building a foundation the footers, floors and walls are all built separately. During the curing process as water evaporates from the concrete, expansion and contraction of these structures creates a void or entry point for water to seep in. Water is always trying to find an area of low pressure or least resistance. As rain comes and the water table rises, the hydrostatic pressure also rises. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that forces water in your basement through the wall and floor joint and even the floor cracks. Waterproofing contractors can install Drain Tile into new and existing homes to try and prevent this problem from occurring. Drain Tile creates an area of low pressure and invites the water in. Once the water finds its way into the Drain Tile it then flows into the sump pit and is subsequently pumped out away from the foundation.

Home owners should try and determine where the water is entering, so that the correct fix can be done.

Cracks in the foundation

  • Polyurethane / Epoxy Crack Injections

Where the wall meet the floor

  • Ensure Sump Pump is Functional

  • Install a Drain Tile System

Over the top of the wall

  • Check the grading outside, ensure the ground doesn’t ride to high on the house

  • Check Gutters and Down Spouts

Through some honeycombing

  • Patch the entire area