When we chose a waterproofing system, we wanted to incorporate the new industry standard, Dow® Styrofoam® Board. This product will not compact during the backfilling operation thereby maintaining its R-value. Dow® Styrofoam® Board also wicks water away from the foundation to the Drain Tile system. Many products used, including the fiberglass insulation, loose their R-value when compressed during the backfilling process and act as sponge for the water keeping it close to the foundation. With Sierra Concepts’ commitment to ethical, high quality products and services we are proud to apply the HouseGuard™ waterproofing system.

We use HouseGuard’s™ TruDry XG™ waterproofing membrane. It's an environmentally friendly, low cost, elastic waterproofing barrier that protects your basement against water leaks by bridging non-structural cracks and resisting hydrostatic pressure.

HouseGuard™ utilizes the Dow Chemical insulated Styrofoam® Board for a complete waterproofing system. We apply a special Styrofoam® blue board that is designed to minimize cost and offer maximum value in insulation from heat and cold, water drainage and protection against wall damage.

HouseGuard’s™ system waterproofs, insulates and drains water away from the basement. We are so confident in the effectiveness of this product that we back it with a 30-year Warranty.