Wet Basement Detective

Use this checklist to prevent some possible water infiltration into your basement:

Dry Basement Checklist
  • Clear eave troughs and downspouts of leaves, branches, ice and snow

  • Downspouts should end at least six feet from house and direct water downgrade or to a permeable surface

  • The soil around the foundation should be sloped away from the house

  • Window wells are free from leaves, branches, snow and ice

  • Clean your sump pump

  • Check the sump pump for operation, make sure it's plugged in and the float is functional

  • Have a professional repair all the cracks in the basement walls

Signs of Dampness: Musty Orders, Peeling Paint, Rusty MetalĀ 

Water located in a Finished Basement: Stains on the drywall or trim, wet carpet

Streams or puddles of water found on the floor, Water coming up through the floor cracks, or accumulating water on the basement floor

Water running in over the very top of the wall

Radon may be seeping into my house